The Truth About Brazilian Waxing!

So many of us women can relate to our first time!  I mean Brazilian’s of course!  First of all we have no one to blame but ourselves!  Its self inflicted!  :0   However despite the fact our “first time” can be painful, there is nothing better than having that soft silky skin left behind from a Brazilian waxing.  There are many things that people do not understand or realize when they book their very first waxing.  We believe that this particular blog will help educate our clients, friends and family on the do’s and don’ts before and after a Brazilian waxing.  We also understand that it can be very intimidating to have a Brazilian whether it be in a salon/spa.  We believe that making the client comfortable is very vital so that it allows the service to operate more smoothly. A common question many clients ask us is “how long should my hair have to be for a Brazilian?”  Ladies only a half inch to quarter inch.  Not so long that we need to braid it!  To avoid being uncomfortable and an embarrassing situation it is advised to trim before you see us if possible!  Unless you really want your aesthetician pulling out the scissors and trimming it for you!  There is also the good old at home waxing kits. Unless you have taken a course in waxing, please do not attempt!  Trust us your skin will thank us.  You will save yourself the pain and misery of bruising, skin ripped off and some pretty unsightly hair patches!  Let us give you an example of a good friend which allowed us to use this story to help others to learn from her experience.

So this wonderful girl decided to be brave and take it about herself to purchase a wax kit at a local beauty supply store.  She wanted to surprise her hubby before he got home from work! So sweet right? What happened to her wasn’t so sweet!  So she read the directions on the package which said to microwave it for a few minutes.  So far so good!  Feeling bubbly and excited she took it upon herself to grab a spatula and spread the wax on the entire Brazilian area.  She then took a wax strip and applied it to her skin and held the skin tight as the directions indicated.  What???  She said she almost died! She said no hair came out!  So she decides to attempt it for the second time. Taking a deep breath she goes to pull it again but she chickens out half way. At this time she has the wax strip half off and she is screaming on top of her lungs muttering everything under her breath.  The result?  Half hair gone and half wax still left there.  She said she wouldn’t dear attempt to pull the entire strip off cause it hurt so bad.  So she had to figure out something?  She decided to find a pair of scissors and cut the wax out of the hair!  She said at this point her two butt cheeks are completely glued together and she is walking in penguin motion to reach the kitchen counter. She finally finds a an old pair and starts to cut.  The stupid scissors are too blunt!  She said at this point I didn’t know what to do!  She said she had no oil or anything in her bathroom cupboard that would remotely remove the wax.  So she decided to go for the butter.  She said she had such a mess that she had to soak in the tub for hours. Sadly the poor girl was left with bruises, hairy patches and some sticky residue as a result.  The moral of the story?  Just get a professional to give you a proper Brazilian. It will save ya a lot of pain and misery!

There is also some other important factors that women need to take into consideration when it comes to a brazillian waxing. Going in a hot tub or tanning bed after waxing is a definite no no!  Trust me you don’t want layers of your skin to scab off or burn yourself.  When you get a waxing, your pores are opened so avoid anything related to heat or any physical activity that will aggravate your skin after waxing. The next 24 hours you can go nuts!  We also like it if individuals took into consideration their hygiene!  Sorry but we do run into this from time to time. Please make sure your well cleansed before hand. It makes our work a lot more pleasant!  Its also important to exfoliate at least every second or third day after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs can be very painful and sore.  So best to exfoliate.  Also a good cream or solution like “No Bump”  which we use in our spa works wonders. Its good to apply that in between your waxing visits.  No Bump is formulated to eliminate bumps and ingrown hairs. No Bump Treatment does not burn and is non-irritating to the skin. It is specially formulated to soothe the skin while rebuilding healthy bump-free skin.  Also if you do have really sensitive skin, wax such as zinc oxide and aloe vera are very soothing to the skin and creates very little redness. It is natural to expect some redness and even for your skin to be a bit tender your first time.  It all depends on your hair.  If your hair is very deep rooted then expect it to be a little tender after and red. The redness usually goes away within an hour or so.  However for really sensitive skin it may take a little longer.  Also expect to see a little bit of spotting at the pore if you are deep rooted.  Don’t panic! If you see tiny pin-prick sized dots of blood, congratulations, you’ve killed a hair follicle! Hair will never grow from that follicle again!

Another question that many clients ask us is “When will I start to see regrowth?” The hair grows in cycles, so the goal of waxing is to remove the hair consistently until the hair grows in the same cycle. When this happens, each waxing is killing the maximum number of hair follicles, resulting in less hair growing back. After your first wax, some of your hair won’t grow back while others may start growing after a week or so. But as we said before, you’ll see less and less regrowth with each wax, and what does grow back will be thinner and finer which will hurt less because the hair isn’t as deep rooted! Bonus!

There are many more questions that many people have asked us such as: “how long do I have to wait in between my next waxing? Can I get a Brazilian if I am a pregnant?”  And so   We will be answering these questions along with many others as we continue to update our blog.  Keep an eye for more topics related to waxing and other interesting facts about the beauty industry! Feel free to leave a comment and ask questions. :).

A Brazilian waxing while pregnant:

Thanks to your hormones when pregnant, the hair can grow at a much faster rate.  Which means as a pregnant woman you maybe more fixated on hair removal than ever before!  Let’s face it, it’s bad enough that you retain fluid and your body swells and increase weight gain begins to happens!  Trust me the last thing women want is a major forest growing down there!  So some women who are pregnant often wonder if it’s safe to have a Brazilian wax. The answer is YES!  You can be relieved that you don’t have to worry about walking around like a hairy beast!   However there are some things you should know before you have a bikini or Brazilian wax while pregnant.  Your skin maybe more sensitive so before and after waxing its good to use a soothing lotion to reduce any additional redness or swelling of the skin.  It’s also important you check with your doctor first before you proceed with a Brazilian waxing just to make sure there is no underlying issues he/she hasn’t told you about regarding your pregnancy. Always let us aestheticians know that you are pregnant before you get a Brazilian especially if you are on any medication. We want your experience to be comfortable and as pleasant as possible.   A common question us aestheticians are asked is “how long do I have to wait in between waxing?”  It really depends on your hair growth.  Some women can get longer out of their Brazilians than others.  We usually say every four weeks but some can go six to eight weeks.  Some women have a lot more hair growth and are more deeply rooted and also hormones play a factor. However when it’s your first time having a Brazilian,  your hair may grow faster than subsequent waxes and you may expect to see some regrowth in 10 to 14 days but by your third Brazilian wax you will see that the hair is finer and less dense.  Plus you will feel less discomfort. Your regrowth will be a lot slower and eventually you will be hairless majority of the time!  Another frequent question we are asked is “do Brazilian wax hurt?”  Well it doesn’t tickle!  But the more you get a waxing the less it hurts because your skin do build up a tolerance for it, plus the hair becomes less coarse and finer like we mentioned above so it doesn’t hurt near as bad!  Also some women have a better pain tolerance than others.   A famous question we get asked is “how long do a Brazilian wax take?”  It usually takes us 15 to 30 minutes depending on the clients hair growth. In extreme cases like if you have a forest brewing down there and it’s growing half way down your leg, than it could take up to 45 minutes to an hour.  There are some other do’s and don’ts after a Brazilian.  It’s advisable not to engage in heavy exercise for 24 hours unless you want to have your poor bits chafed to pieces or walking funny for a few days! So stay away from any physical activity the first few hours. Usually the next day isn’t too bad but best to wait 24 hours!  Avoid wearing tight clothing after waxing for the first day.  Otherwise it can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hairs.  And those ingrown hairs are not only painful but unsightly!   To conclude, a Brazilian wax is well worth it! You feel clean and refreshed from it!  Believe it or not ya actually feel lighter!  Let’s face it body hair on a woman isn’t fashionable!  You feel better in a swimsuit.  It’s so good to roll out of bed and not worry about shaving!  It doesn’t grow back like a bristle pad!  Who likes that crazy burning itchy feeling? Like really?  The thing is girls we want to feel good about ourselves and the sight of hair petrifies us!  If we aestheticians got paid for every time someone says I wish I was BALD, I wish we women weren’t born with hair except on  our heads or it’s not fair that men don’t have to worry about hair growth like us women than we be millionaires!  Unfortunately we are born with the horrible gene of growing unwanted hair in places we really wish it wouldn’t!  There is a solution!  Go to your local salon/spa and let us girls take care of it for you!  You will be happy ya did!  Please don’t hesitate to watch the video below on what to expect during a Brazilian wax-salon secrets.

Have questions? Please feel free to comment below and we will be more than happy to answer them for you! Have any suggestions for our next blog? Let us know! 🙂