The Perfect Set Of Rosie Cheeks!


We mean your face ofcourse!  Lol.  We see so many models in magazines and on the big screen that seem to have the perfect shade of blush and that beautiful hint of glow to their skin.  You maybe wondering.  How do they do it?  What’s their secret?  What brands of blush are popular today and recommended?  How do I apply it?  What’s the best shade for my skin?  These are questions that you may often wonder about.  So today we are going to answer these questions for you.  You may remember you mom, friend or older sister telling you that if you pinch you cheeks hard enough that it will turn your cheeks pink enough that it will give you a rosy completion.  Well that maybe the case but that little hint of pink gradually fades and it hurts like crazy to even do it!  There are blushes out there that can give you a nice colour and is long lasting.  There are a number of great brands out there that can give you a nice healthy glow.  Today I am going to discuss the Youngblood collection, TIGI, Sephora and a few more amazing brands that carry blush products.    Also we will be showing videos from makeup artists on how to properly apply blush to your skin so you get a nice natural look.

Youngblood contains eight crushed mineral blushes, eight pressed mineral blush, and six crème blush.  Youngblood’s Crushed Mineral Blushes are a lightweight and silky blend of highly-pigmented minerals, designed to add natural highlights and contours to the face. IMG_6819
Perfect for any skin type, even sensitive skin, Youngblood’s Crushed Mineral Blushes are enriched with vitamins A and E, as well as Aloe Vera, and are free from talc, perfumes and chemical dyes. Its also nice to note that all Youngblood products are also non-comodogenic and cruelty free.
Their crushed mineral blushes come in eight shades to suit any skin tone and are available in three different finishes including matte, satin and shimmer. They can be applied to the cheeks, temples, eyes, or even lips for a healthy and natural looking glow.

TIGI Cosmetics carry four blushes called Glow Blush. They add a natural glow to all skin tones.  They are a soft baked powder that provide a natural glowing effect.  They work well on all skin tones. 88cb31afd315803047d70a5f8bf12107

Sephora carries an array of 19 blushes in their collection.   These blushes are available in an extended range of shades, including colors made to contour, highlight, and add the perfect blush to your cheeks. The ultra-sheer texture blends perfectly into the skin without caking, allowing for buildable intensity of color. Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, these blushes provide a healthy glow that flatters any skin tone. With finishes ranging from matte to satin to shimmer, this collection allows you to customize an endless  possibility of fresh-faced looks!  cimg5057

So these are just a few of the blushes that you would see in fashion/beauty magazines.  The Youngblood collection and The TIGI can be found at your local Chatters salon.  Sephora blushes are found here:  Many of you are wondering how to apply blush properly?  Well watch this quick tutorial on how to have that perfect blush application with Youngblood Cosmetics!

Please watch the TIGI Glow Blush application below!  Very useful tips here!

How to Contour Your Oval Face by Sephora!

Take a look at this tutorial on how to apply blush to various face shapes!

Also take a look at how to properly contour and bronzer your face here!

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Let’s Get Lippy!

There is no such thing as too many lipsticks or lip gloss!  Us girlies need our lips on before we go out the door! Otherwise we don’t feel complete!   Give us chicks the right lipstick and we can conquer the world!   There are so many brands and Shades out there on the market today.  Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right one!   It can be fun trying different shades especially playing with bold colours. Sometimes you can surprise yourself when you try a colour that looks amazing on  you that you may have not wore before!  I usually wear more neutral tones but sometimes I like to think out of the box and try a new bold look when I go out with my girlfriends.  I believe that certain colours can change your mood and make you more confident!  Today I am going to discuss some of the hottest brands of lipsticks and lip glosses in the beauty industry.

Have you ever heard of Youngblood makeup?  Their products imageare formulated with 100 percent pure luxurious minerals. The Youngblood collection dramatically improves any completion and blemish free.  It doesn’t feel caked on your skin but feels light.  It almost feels like you have no makeup on!  Youngblood products give long lasting coverage and consist of light reflecting properties which gives the illusion of clear healthy blemish free smooth silky skin. One of my favourite things about Youngblood makeup is that the pigments they use are from natural minerals from the earth.  This helps manage skin and protect against future breakouts.  Even in the most severe cases of acne, Youngblood makeup does not clog pores or aggravate acneic skin.

Youngblood makeup adheres to the skin so well that it won’t come off until removed with your favourite cleanser!  That’s super good news for brides to be!  Or young teens graduating school!  Gotta look good for those big events!  Nothing worse than having your makeup done and  half way through your wedding vows your liner or mascara is running!  Nightmare! Or having that perfect date at your prom and your makeup looks completely streaky  and you have black all under your eyes because it smeared or ran because your sweating from the dance floor!  Trust me you don’t want your date to start looking at you funny or mention that your face is coming off!  So embarrassing!   So having the right makeup certainly will help resolve those terrifying and embarrassing  moments!

Some other interesting facts about Youngblood makeup is that they don’t put any chemical dyes, artificial colours or fragrances in their products!  Great for those allergic to fragrances especially! Nothing worse to apply a product to your face and all you are doing is trying to get by without sneezing at work, school or night out with friends!  Also those chemical dyes and colours can be harsh on the skin. A friend of mine applied a product which consisted of those ingredients and lets just say her face was that swollen she looked like a blow fish! Wasn’t a pretty sight. It took her a few days for her poor face to go back to normal!  Another great thing about Youngblood products is that their products aren’t tested on animals!  Bonus!  Especially for you pet lovers ( my pal nay) out there!  Not to get off topic but she has the cutest puppies ever!   Ok so back to Youngblood!  Their products don’t have talc, mineral oil, lead, and they are non-comedogenic!  So bonus right?  All the more reason to try their makeup!  One of my imagefavourite lip glosses is in the pink family.  It’s called Promiscuous.  It’s a sheer deep lolly pink with a hint of shimmer.  I find their lip glosses very conditioning to the skin and they last a long time. Their glosses are enriched with vitamin E and green tea extract.  It’s non-sticky and won’t bleed.  It also makes your lips plumper and contains sunflower oil for that extra moisture which I absolutely love especially in winter time when our skin tends to be more drier and cracked! They have many more lip gloss colour shades within the pink family.  Coy is a sheer pink-peach with no shimmer.  Rhapsody is a red pink with gold shimmer.  Devotion is a medium peach-pink with no shimmer.  Guava is a sheer cherry red with no shimmer.  Within the plum family, Youngblood carries four lip glosses.  One of my favourites within the plum Youngblood lip glosses is called Siren.  Siren is a deep burgundy with a shimmer.  Mesmerize is a medium plum brown with a slight gold shimmer.  Fantasy is a deep red plum with a gold shimmer.  This particular lip gloss is great for evening make up.  Poetic is a cool plum with a pink shimmer.  Poetic is a nice lip gloss for everyday wear.  It pretty much compliments any skin tone. In the brown family, Youngblood carries a lip gloss called De Ja Vu which is a deep plum natural with no shimmer.  For a more natural look they carry a lip gloss called Champaign Ice.  It’s a pale champaign with a nude tone that has a metallic shimmer.

Youngblood also has an array of lip sticks.   They are designed to apply smoothly  with no dragging.  They are available in 24 vibrant colours.  The Youngblood lip sticks contain ingredients that consist of  sunflower oil and candellila wax.  Their lip sticks are enriched with vitamin E  to keep our lips moist and well protected!   They are free of perfumes and chemical dyes!  Youngblood lip sticks are a special blend of naturals oils and vitamins that hydrate skin  for hours!  It’s a rich velvet texture and the colours are long lasting!  Rosewater is also a favourite lip stick of mine.  It’s in the pink family.  It is a rosy plum with a gloss finish.  There are nine shades within the pink shades.  In the brown shades there is six shades.  For everyday wear cedar is a nice lip stick.  It’s a deep brown-plum with a shine.  There are five shades in the peach family.  I like the Sorbet.  It’s a pale metallic pink-peach.  It’s a nice neutral color especially if you don’t wear a lot of make up. There are there shades in the nude colors.  Pretty much all three can be wore  as everyday use. In the plum/reds there are six shades.  I particularly love Bistro.  It’s a deep burgundy satin wine shade. Perfect for those night out of the town night with your girlfriends or man!  It’s a color you can definitely get away with wearing all year round!  These are the lip glosses and lip sticks that Youngblood carries right now.  It’s an excellent line and they really uphold to their name.  Hope you give them a try and see for yourself. Nay and I can certainly assist you in picking out that perfect shade if need be or help you with any questions regarding the Youngblood products!

Another great makeup line that imagecarries an array of lip glosses and lip sticks is called TIGI Cosmetics.  They were originally created in 1989 under the name TIGI Classic Cosmetics.  Years later the company revamped their brand and produced Bed Head Make-Up.  They wanted it to inspire women about new ideas on how to create fresh new stylish trendy looks.  In 2010 they developed a new cosmetic brand with a more sleek modern new attitude.  They decided to change the labelling back to TIGI on their cosmetics.  However the still have rights to the name Bed Head which they use on all their hair care products. Here are a few of the lip glosses and lip sticks that TIGI have on the market today.  Their Decadent lipstick goes on smooth and keeps lips healthy.  They have a stay put formula which hydrates the skin.  They carry a variety of matte to light reflective shades. TIGI lipsticks consist of a dense and rich formula which promotes moisture retention.  Their lip glosses know as Luxe Lipgloss is very moisturizing and has a high shine.  They have an anti-stick formula allowing for multi-applications.  Their ingredients have natural emollients which allows for maximum shine and hydration.  Superstar is my favorite lip gloss that they carry.  It’s very natural looking and I wear it for everyday use.  Depending on what you looking for when it comes to your makeup regime, both cosmetic brands are great and they both live by their name.  We would definitely recommend Youngblood and TIGI lip gloss or the lip sticks.  If your looking for a natural look or a bold look, both brands have it all!  Check out the Youngblood video below on their mineral lip gloss!

Please check out how to get that perfect red lip finish with TIGI Cosmetics director Kevin Givens!

Our local salon/spa do carry these products so please feel free to contact us if you have questions to where we are located or about the products in general! Please email us at image