Skin Care Diva Or Skin Care Junkie?

So which one are you?  A Skin Care Diva or Skin Care Junkie?  All of us girls love trying new products especially when it comes to our face!  We all want to look good and have healthy skin.  At some point in your life if you haven’t already you will end up purchasing a skin care product that you really hope will get rid of those age spots, minimize wrinkles or tighten and tone your skin.  Unfortunately as we get older we tend to lose elasticity of our skin.  Yes girlies everything starts to sag!  It totally sucks!  If not educated on the correct skin care products for your skin you could make your skin worse so it’s vital to contact an aesthetician like Nay and I who are professionals that would love to help you with your skin care regime.  It’s also nice to know what brands are on the market today that can truly benefit your skin.  So before you run to the drug store or any beauty store please get your skin analyzed by an aesthetician first so they can help you determine what skin type that you may have and what your skin truly needs.  Today I will be discussing a skin care brand that has a variety of skin care products that is designed for every skin type.  Whether you are trying to tighten and tone, get rid of acne, balance sebum (oil) production, hydrate dry skin (dehydrated), minimize fine lines and wrinkles or calm and soothe sensitive skin like rosacea this particular brand can help!  What is the name of this fantastic skin care brand?  It’s called Dermalogica.  You may have imageheard of it and you may have not heard about it.  However it’s an amazing line we use at our local spa and clients are getting results.  The brand has been recognized all over the world in spas for over 25 years.  Their mission is to deliver skin care health results through education, innovation and professional recommendation.  This amazing product is free from irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts.  You will not find lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances in their products.  Dermalogica has never been tested on animals as well. 🙂  Their products are sold in over 80 countries.  You will only see Dermalogica in health spas or where you can find skin therapist/aestheticians.  Only professionals can sell this particular product.

Dermalogica has designed an easy way for us skin care professionals to aid you in choosing the correct products for your skin.  They came up with a program called “Face Mapping Skin Analysis.”  It allows us to decode your skin zone by zone which will in return allow us to give you the proper professional advice and results that your skin needs.   There are eleven cleansers that Dermalogica provides for each skin type including their cleansing wipes.  There are also four toners and toner wipes available within this line.  To slough off dead skin cells and remove oil and dirt, they have five exfoliants.  They also have a deep cleansing brush to use with some of the exfoliants.  There are also seventeen moisturizers that help protect your skins natural defences against the environment while at the same time controlling moisture loss.  They work on two levels: regulates the skins water balance and aids in managing the underlying issues of your skin.  They also help skin stay smooth and soft.  It helps with regulating excessive dryness and oiliness of the skin.  Their moisturizers help in stopping premature aging. I think all of us women and even men desire to have smooth wrinkle free skin.  No one wants to look like a wrinkle face pug or look like a shrivelled up old leather boot!  We all want to look youthful.

Dermalogica even has a moisturizer that takes skin care to a new level!  It contains micro-sponges which absorbs excess surface oils for an all day matte finish.   No one wants to look like a grease monkey and certainly you don’t want to look like your shining so badly that there is an instant glare on your face which looks like your sweating profusely. It’s particular bad when your makeup is blotchy or running down your face in the middle of your day! Sound familiar?  I know a few good friends of mine that had this problem and they couldn’t seem to manage to keep their makeup to stay on all day long cause their skin was producing too much oil secretions through their pores!  They asked me how I keep mine on all day long?  It’s because I use the right products for my particular skin type.  However my skin is more on the combination spectrum.  So I always have to keep mine well hydrated and my oil production balanced as well.  Dermalogica has five great masks suited for each particular skin type.  For example they have one for breakout prevention called Sebum Clearing Masque.  It’s a cooling masque with oil-absorbing clays that help prevent breakouts and detoxifies the skin. This cooling masque contains salicylic acid which stimulates natural exfoliation to clear congested pores.  The cooling botanicals in the masque refine the skin, purify the skin and aid in excess oil removal.  It’s one of the skin care products we recommend to our clients that tend to have acne prone skin or oily skin.  Applying it one or two times a week after cleansing your skin and before you apply your necessary moisturizer is important for this particular skin type.

Dermalogica has four boosters.  What are they exactly?  They are applied under your moisturizer or other treatment products.  They help combat your skins reaction to the environment, stress and hormone imbalances!  You can also mix them in your desired moisturizer, toner, exfoliate and cleanser.  There are also twelve targeted treatments for your skin that Dermalogica offers.  They help aid in controlling a wide range of skin care problems including hyperpigmentation (age spots) oiliness, congestion, dehydration, sensitivity, aging around lips, eyes and so on. It can give your skin the help it needs to eliminate these skin conditions.  Dermalogica has six eye treatments.  They are all designed for different skin types.  Maybe you have a lot of fine lines or wrinkles that you want to reduce or minimize? Perhaps you just want to prevent premature aging? Or maybe you just want to get rid of discolouration or those wonderful baggy eyes due to lack of sleep?  You name it, this  particular skin care company has what your looking for in eliminating your skin care issues.  Another great thing about this particular brand, is that they also have daytime defence creams to protect our skin from the sun and any other environmental factors.  Dermalogica also carries an array of other skin care imageproducts such as their shave products.  They are gentle on the skin and not only helps give you the closest shave but also prevents ingrown hairs, irritation and redness.  They are also designed to give you the most healthy skin ever!

Dermalogica also has a body therapy product line.  So not only can you have a smooth soft problem free face but so can the rest of your body!  No one wants alligator skin or look like a dried up prune!  So these products really give your skin the treatment it needs!  They even carry a line for hair!  They have shampoo and conditioner that cleanse, hydrate and are pumped with anti-oxidants!   This company also has skin care kits that contain four or five products in miniature size bottles so that you can use in travel or try first before you purchase the bigger containers.  In conclusion, Dermalogica is a great skin care line because it doesn’t just have a product for one skin type but it takes care of many skin care issues that people want answers to.  Please take a look at the video below introducing the behind the scenes of the Dermalogica Skincare Line!

It’s important before purchasing this particular product that you consult a professional that can do a skin analysis on you first and then they can tell you want you need.  Nay and I are more than happy to help you in any way we can when it comes to your skin care issues.  Feel free to drop in to our local spa or contact us at if you have a question or concern about your skin.  Feel free to share our post! 🙂