The Perfect Set Of Rosie Cheeks!


We mean your face ofcourse!  Lol.  We see so many models in magazines and on the big screen that seem to have the perfect shade of blush and that beautiful hint of glow to their skin.  You maybe wondering.  How do they do it?  What’s their secret?  What brands of blush are popular today and recommended?  How do I apply it?  What’s the best shade for my skin?  These are questions that you may often wonder about.  So today we are going to answer these questions for you.  You may remember you mom, friend or older sister telling you that if you pinch you cheeks hard enough that it will turn your cheeks pink enough that it will give you a rosy completion.  Well that maybe the case but that little hint of pink gradually fades and it hurts like crazy to even do it!  There are blushes out there that can give you a nice colour and is long lasting.  There are a number of great brands out there that can give you a nice healthy glow.  Today I am going to discuss the Youngblood collection, TIGI, Sephora and a few more amazing brands that carry blush products.    Also we will be showing videos from makeup artists on how to properly apply blush to your skin so you get a nice natural look.

Youngblood contains eight crushed mineral blushes, eight pressed mineral blush, and six crème blush.  Youngblood’s Crushed Mineral Blushes are a lightweight and silky blend of highly-pigmented minerals, designed to add natural highlights and contours to the face. IMG_6819
Perfect for any skin type, even sensitive skin, Youngblood’s Crushed Mineral Blushes are enriched with vitamins A and E, as well as Aloe Vera, and are free from talc, perfumes and chemical dyes. Its also nice to note that all Youngblood products are also non-comodogenic and cruelty free.
Their crushed mineral blushes come in eight shades to suit any skin tone and are available in three different finishes including matte, satin and shimmer. They can be applied to the cheeks, temples, eyes, or even lips for a healthy and natural looking glow.

TIGI Cosmetics carry four blushes called Glow Blush. They add a natural glow to all skin tones.  They are a soft baked powder that provide a natural glowing effect.  They work well on all skin tones. 88cb31afd315803047d70a5f8bf12107

Sephora carries an array of 19 blushes in their collection.   These blushes are available in an extended range of shades, including colors made to contour, highlight, and add the perfect blush to your cheeks. The ultra-sheer texture blends perfectly into the skin without caking, allowing for buildable intensity of color. Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, these blushes provide a healthy glow that flatters any skin tone. With finishes ranging from matte to satin to shimmer, this collection allows you to customize an endless  possibility of fresh-faced looks!  cimg5057

So these are just a few of the blushes that you would see in fashion/beauty magazines.  The Youngblood collection and The TIGI can be found at your local Chatters salon.  Sephora blushes are found here:  Many of you are wondering how to apply blush properly?  Well watch this quick tutorial on how to have that perfect blush application with Youngblood Cosmetics!

Please watch the TIGI Glow Blush application below!  Very useful tips here!

How to Contour Your Oval Face by Sephora!

Take a look at this tutorial on how to apply blush to various face shapes!

Also take a look at how to properly contour and bronzer your face here!

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Skin Care Diva Or Skin Care Junkie?

So which one are you?  A Skin Care Diva or Skin Care Junkie?  All of us girls love trying new products especially when it comes to our face!  We all want to look good and have healthy skin.  At some point in your life if you haven’t already you will end up purchasing a skin care product that you really hope will get rid of those age spots, minimize wrinkles or tighten and tone your skin.  Unfortunately as we get older we tend to lose elasticity of our skin.  Yes girlies everything starts to sag!  It totally sucks!  If not educated on the correct skin care products for your skin you could make your skin worse so it’s vital to contact an aesthetician like Nay and I who are professionals that would love to help you with your skin care regime.  It’s also nice to know what brands are on the market today that can truly benefit your skin.  So before you run to the drug store or any beauty store please get your skin analyzed by an aesthetician first so they can help you determine what skin type that you may have and what your skin truly needs.  Today I will be discussing a skin care brand that has a variety of skin care products that is designed for every skin type.  Whether you are trying to tighten and tone, get rid of acne, balance sebum (oil) production, hydrate dry skin (dehydrated), minimize fine lines and wrinkles or calm and soothe sensitive skin like rosacea this particular brand can help!  What is the name of this fantastic skin care brand?  It’s called Dermalogica.  You may have imageheard of it and you may have not heard about it.  However it’s an amazing line we use at our local spa and clients are getting results.  The brand has been recognized all over the world in spas for over 25 years.  Their mission is to deliver skin care health results through education, innovation and professional recommendation.  This amazing product is free from irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts.  You will not find lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances in their products.  Dermalogica has never been tested on animals as well. 🙂  Their products are sold in over 80 countries.  You will only see Dermalogica in health spas or where you can find skin therapist/aestheticians.  Only professionals can sell this particular product.

Dermalogica has designed an easy way for us skin care professionals to aid you in choosing the correct products for your skin.  They came up with a program called “Face Mapping Skin Analysis.”  It allows us to decode your skin zone by zone which will in return allow us to give you the proper professional advice and results that your skin needs.   There are eleven cleansers that Dermalogica provides for each skin type including their cleansing wipes.  There are also four toners and toner wipes available within this line.  To slough off dead skin cells and remove oil and dirt, they have five exfoliants.  They also have a deep cleansing brush to use with some of the exfoliants.  There are also seventeen moisturizers that help protect your skins natural defences against the environment while at the same time controlling moisture loss.  They work on two levels: regulates the skins water balance and aids in managing the underlying issues of your skin.  They also help skin stay smooth and soft.  It helps with regulating excessive dryness and oiliness of the skin.  Their moisturizers help in stopping premature aging. I think all of us women and even men desire to have smooth wrinkle free skin.  No one wants to look like a wrinkle face pug or look like a shrivelled up old leather boot!  We all want to look youthful.

Dermalogica even has a moisturizer that takes skin care to a new level!  It contains micro-sponges which absorbs excess surface oils for an all day matte finish.   No one wants to look like a grease monkey and certainly you don’t want to look like your shining so badly that there is an instant glare on your face which looks like your sweating profusely. It’s particular bad when your makeup is blotchy or running down your face in the middle of your day! Sound familiar?  I know a few good friends of mine that had this problem and they couldn’t seem to manage to keep their makeup to stay on all day long cause their skin was producing too much oil secretions through their pores!  They asked me how I keep mine on all day long?  It’s because I use the right products for my particular skin type.  However my skin is more on the combination spectrum.  So I always have to keep mine well hydrated and my oil production balanced as well.  Dermalogica has five great masks suited for each particular skin type.  For example they have one for breakout prevention called Sebum Clearing Masque.  It’s a cooling masque with oil-absorbing clays that help prevent breakouts and detoxifies the skin. This cooling masque contains salicylic acid which stimulates natural exfoliation to clear congested pores.  The cooling botanicals in the masque refine the skin, purify the skin and aid in excess oil removal.  It’s one of the skin care products we recommend to our clients that tend to have acne prone skin or oily skin.  Applying it one or two times a week after cleansing your skin and before you apply your necessary moisturizer is important for this particular skin type.

Dermalogica has four boosters.  What are they exactly?  They are applied under your moisturizer or other treatment products.  They help combat your skins reaction to the environment, stress and hormone imbalances!  You can also mix them in your desired moisturizer, toner, exfoliate and cleanser.  There are also twelve targeted treatments for your skin that Dermalogica offers.  They help aid in controlling a wide range of skin care problems including hyperpigmentation (age spots) oiliness, congestion, dehydration, sensitivity, aging around lips, eyes and so on. It can give your skin the help it needs to eliminate these skin conditions.  Dermalogica has six eye treatments.  They are all designed for different skin types.  Maybe you have a lot of fine lines or wrinkles that you want to reduce or minimize? Perhaps you just want to prevent premature aging? Or maybe you just want to get rid of discolouration or those wonderful baggy eyes due to lack of sleep?  You name it, this  particular skin care company has what your looking for in eliminating your skin care issues.  Another great thing about this particular brand, is that they also have daytime defence creams to protect our skin from the sun and any other environmental factors.  Dermalogica also carries an array of other skin care imageproducts such as their shave products.  They are gentle on the skin and not only helps give you the closest shave but also prevents ingrown hairs, irritation and redness.  They are also designed to give you the most healthy skin ever!

Dermalogica also has a body therapy product line.  So not only can you have a smooth soft problem free face but so can the rest of your body!  No one wants alligator skin or look like a dried up prune!  So these products really give your skin the treatment it needs!  They even carry a line for hair!  They have shampoo and conditioner that cleanse, hydrate and are pumped with anti-oxidants!   This company also has skin care kits that contain four or five products in miniature size bottles so that you can use in travel or try first before you purchase the bigger containers.  In conclusion, Dermalogica is a great skin care line because it doesn’t just have a product for one skin type but it takes care of many skin care issues that people want answers to.  Please take a look at the video below introducing the behind the scenes of the Dermalogica Skincare Line!

It’s important before purchasing this particular product that you consult a professional that can do a skin analysis on you first and then they can tell you want you need.  Nay and I are more than happy to help you in any way we can when it comes to your skin care issues.  Feel free to drop in to our local spa or contact us at if you have a question or concern about your skin.  Feel free to share our post! 🙂

Let’s Get Lippy!

There is no such thing as too many lipsticks or lip gloss!  Us girlies need our lips on before we go out the door! Otherwise we don’t feel complete!   Give us chicks the right lipstick and we can conquer the world!   There are so many brands and Shades out there on the market today.  Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right one!   It can be fun trying different shades especially playing with bold colours. Sometimes you can surprise yourself when you try a colour that looks amazing on  you that you may have not wore before!  I usually wear more neutral tones but sometimes I like to think out of the box and try a new bold look when I go out with my girlfriends.  I believe that certain colours can change your mood and make you more confident!  Today I am going to discuss some of the hottest brands of lipsticks and lip glosses in the beauty industry.

Have you ever heard of Youngblood makeup?  Their products imageare formulated with 100 percent pure luxurious minerals. The Youngblood collection dramatically improves any completion and blemish free.  It doesn’t feel caked on your skin but feels light.  It almost feels like you have no makeup on!  Youngblood products give long lasting coverage and consist of light reflecting properties which gives the illusion of clear healthy blemish free smooth silky skin. One of my favourite things about Youngblood makeup is that the pigments they use are from natural minerals from the earth.  This helps manage skin and protect against future breakouts.  Even in the most severe cases of acne, Youngblood makeup does not clog pores or aggravate acneic skin.

Youngblood makeup adheres to the skin so well that it won’t come off until removed with your favourite cleanser!  That’s super good news for brides to be!  Or young teens graduating school!  Gotta look good for those big events!  Nothing worse than having your makeup done and  half way through your wedding vows your liner or mascara is running!  Nightmare! Or having that perfect date at your prom and your makeup looks completely streaky  and you have black all under your eyes because it smeared or ran because your sweating from the dance floor!  Trust me you don’t want your date to start looking at you funny or mention that your face is coming off!  So embarrassing!   So having the right makeup certainly will help resolve those terrifying and embarrassing  moments!

Some other interesting facts about Youngblood makeup is that they don’t put any chemical dyes, artificial colours or fragrances in their products!  Great for those allergic to fragrances especially! Nothing worse to apply a product to your face and all you are doing is trying to get by without sneezing at work, school or night out with friends!  Also those chemical dyes and colours can be harsh on the skin. A friend of mine applied a product which consisted of those ingredients and lets just say her face was that swollen she looked like a blow fish! Wasn’t a pretty sight. It took her a few days for her poor face to go back to normal!  Another great thing about Youngblood products is that their products aren’t tested on animals!  Bonus!  Especially for you pet lovers ( my pal nay) out there!  Not to get off topic but she has the cutest puppies ever!   Ok so back to Youngblood!  Their products don’t have talc, mineral oil, lead, and they are non-comedogenic!  So bonus right?  All the more reason to try their makeup!  One of my imagefavourite lip glosses is in the pink family.  It’s called Promiscuous.  It’s a sheer deep lolly pink with a hint of shimmer.  I find their lip glosses very conditioning to the skin and they last a long time. Their glosses are enriched with vitamin E and green tea extract.  It’s non-sticky and won’t bleed.  It also makes your lips plumper and contains sunflower oil for that extra moisture which I absolutely love especially in winter time when our skin tends to be more drier and cracked! They have many more lip gloss colour shades within the pink family.  Coy is a sheer pink-peach with no shimmer.  Rhapsody is a red pink with gold shimmer.  Devotion is a medium peach-pink with no shimmer.  Guava is a sheer cherry red with no shimmer.  Within the plum family, Youngblood carries four lip glosses.  One of my favourites within the plum Youngblood lip glosses is called Siren.  Siren is a deep burgundy with a shimmer.  Mesmerize is a medium plum brown with a slight gold shimmer.  Fantasy is a deep red plum with a gold shimmer.  This particular lip gloss is great for evening make up.  Poetic is a cool plum with a pink shimmer.  Poetic is a nice lip gloss for everyday wear.  It pretty much compliments any skin tone. In the brown family, Youngblood carries a lip gloss called De Ja Vu which is a deep plum natural with no shimmer.  For a more natural look they carry a lip gloss called Champaign Ice.  It’s a pale champaign with a nude tone that has a metallic shimmer.

Youngblood also has an array of lip sticks.   They are designed to apply smoothly  with no dragging.  They are available in 24 vibrant colours.  The Youngblood lip sticks contain ingredients that consist of  sunflower oil and candellila wax.  Their lip sticks are enriched with vitamin E  to keep our lips moist and well protected!   They are free of perfumes and chemical dyes!  Youngblood lip sticks are a special blend of naturals oils and vitamins that hydrate skin  for hours!  It’s a rich velvet texture and the colours are long lasting!  Rosewater is also a favourite lip stick of mine.  It’s in the pink family.  It is a rosy plum with a gloss finish.  There are nine shades within the pink shades.  In the brown shades there is six shades.  For everyday wear cedar is a nice lip stick.  It’s a deep brown-plum with a shine.  There are five shades in the peach family.  I like the Sorbet.  It’s a pale metallic pink-peach.  It’s a nice neutral color especially if you don’t wear a lot of make up. There are there shades in the nude colors.  Pretty much all three can be wore  as everyday use. In the plum/reds there are six shades.  I particularly love Bistro.  It’s a deep burgundy satin wine shade. Perfect for those night out of the town night with your girlfriends or man!  It’s a color you can definitely get away with wearing all year round!  These are the lip glosses and lip sticks that Youngblood carries right now.  It’s an excellent line and they really uphold to their name.  Hope you give them a try and see for yourself. Nay and I can certainly assist you in picking out that perfect shade if need be or help you with any questions regarding the Youngblood products!

Another great makeup line that imagecarries an array of lip glosses and lip sticks is called TIGI Cosmetics.  They were originally created in 1989 under the name TIGI Classic Cosmetics.  Years later the company revamped their brand and produced Bed Head Make-Up.  They wanted it to inspire women about new ideas on how to create fresh new stylish trendy looks.  In 2010 they developed a new cosmetic brand with a more sleek modern new attitude.  They decided to change the labelling back to TIGI on their cosmetics.  However the still have rights to the name Bed Head which they use on all their hair care products. Here are a few of the lip glosses and lip sticks that TIGI have on the market today.  Their Decadent lipstick goes on smooth and keeps lips healthy.  They have a stay put formula which hydrates the skin.  They carry a variety of matte to light reflective shades. TIGI lipsticks consist of a dense and rich formula which promotes moisture retention.  Their lip glosses know as Luxe Lipgloss is very moisturizing and has a high shine.  They have an anti-stick formula allowing for multi-applications.  Their ingredients have natural emollients which allows for maximum shine and hydration.  Superstar is my favorite lip gloss that they carry.  It’s very natural looking and I wear it for everyday use.  Depending on what you looking for when it comes to your makeup regime, both cosmetic brands are great and they both live by their name.  We would definitely recommend Youngblood and TIGI lip gloss or the lip sticks.  If your looking for a natural look or a bold look, both brands have it all!  Check out the Youngblood video below on their mineral lip gloss!

Please check out how to get that perfect red lip finish with TIGI Cosmetics director Kevin Givens!

Our local salon/spa do carry these products so please feel free to contact us if you have questions to where we are located or about the products in general! Please email us at image

For Us MakeUp Geeks!!! How To Use MakeUp Brushes!

All of us women love to look good and feel confident!!  Whether it be at the office or a night out with our girlfriends we like to look good!  But sometimes when it comes to makeup it can be difficult to understand how to apply it, to find the perfect shade, and even how to use the proper tools to make that perfect application!  There is nothing worse when you see someone with a ring showing around the bottom of their jawline and its sooo dark that their neck is paler than then their face!  I don’t know about you but who wants to look like they dipped themselves in mud or look like they had an uneven tan!  Not a nice look especially if you have a hot date with your man!  You want to make an impression not freak him out that you have some sort of skin disease!   So lets start at the basic’s here.  Lets talk about the proper makeup tools to use first when applying your makeup.

We asked one of our  clients at a local spa where we work what questions she would like answered about the beauty industry.  She said that she never knows what type of  makeup brushes she should use to apply her makeup.  So this blog is to help her and everyone else that maybe curious as to what tools work best.  That way the next time you enter a beauty supply store, you have an idea as to what some of those funny shape makeup tools do!

Foundation Brush:image

The foundation brush is used to apply the foundation to your face.  Its good to start applying foundation as your base first before you apply any other makeup.  Foundation brushes have longer bristles made out of synthetic materials. They usually have more rounded heads, allowing you to glide the product along the skin in large swathes.  You want to avoid the foundation to be streaky so its vital to use a tapping or circular motion when applying your desired foundation.  This will aid in pressing the foundation in and give you a flawless look!  You can also use a stippling brush.  This particular brush has short soft bristles that are packed densely together and consist of a blunt top.  This allows the product to rest on the skin instead of smearing it on.  It creates a softer effective finish on your skin.  For example if you have dimples or cratered skin, this brush is less likely to emphasize textured areas of the skin.

Concealer Brush:image

The concealer brush is a small version of the foundation brush.  It has stiff synthetic bristles that are  effective in controlling liquid products.  Concealer brush  is great cause it helps smooth the concealer under our eyes to minimize the appearance of circles and even discolored spots on parts of our face.  Even though us women tend to use our fingers for applying concealer, the brush gives the product a more finished and polished look.

Powder/Blush Brush:image

This particular brush has a round head and soft bristles. In order to set your foundation, its good to use a powder brush.  If you need to add a little color to your cheeks and bring out your girlie shine then this is your brush!  You won’t go without it!

Angled Brush:image

This brush has longer soft bristles.  It has an angled head to make it easier for face contouring products.  You often see makeup artists using this for dipping into bronzer (bronzer is my best friend), blush for those sweet rosy cheeks and highlighter! The angled shape makes it easier for the product to be applied more smoothly such as the sides of our nose and tops of our cheek bones. A girl gotta have nice cheek bones! This amazing brush can also give you a more precise blush application so it looks more natural!

Fan Brush:image

The fan brush is definitely one of the most interested looking brushes.  It has soft bristles fanning out  giving the brush its name. It mainly used to apply bronzer, blush and highlighter.  Its unique shape allows the product to distribute lightly on the skin.

Eye Shadow Brush:image

The  Eye Shadow brush is quite small and has short, straight bristles with a hard edge. This brush will be one of the most makeup tools that you will use.  Its firm and dense which makes it amazing for the perfect application!  Its used to apply powder or a cream base product on the lid.  Most often this particular brush is used to apply the base color to your lid.

Blending Brush:image

This is an aestheticians favorite brush.  Its perfect for blending so that the product merges together nicely. It’s also great for applying the shadow in the crease and outer corner of your eyes.

Small Angled Brush:image

This brush is small that contains short hard bristles.  Its used to apply gel or powder liner.  Its also one of our favorites!

Thin Eyeliner Brush:image

This is a must.  It really gives that smooth line to make the eyes pop. This brush has very little bristles that  are short, densely packed, and usually made out of synthetic fibers.  Trust me this brush will quickly become your best friend!  It can give you that classy eye make up look.

Lip Brush:


Many of us women usually just apply our lip color out of the tube but this brush can give a precise ideal bold look especially with bright colors!  It has small short densely packed bristles and the head is slightly rounded.

These are just a few of the brushes that we touched on today.  These are the ones that are the most effective and a must have in your makeup case.  Throughout our blog, we will be showing some tutorials on how to use these essential makeup tools.  We also encourage our clients, friends and family to seek out a makeup consultation so we can explain a simple makeup application and how to use the makeup art tools.  So keep your eyes open for more interesting info about the makeup world and how easy applying makeup can be from everyday wear to night time wear!  Also watch the video below on how to use, apply and clean makeup brushes!

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The Truth About Brazilian Waxing!

So many of us women can relate to our first time!  I mean Brazilian’s of course!  First of all we have no one to blame but ourselves!  Its self inflicted!  :0   However despite the fact our “first time” can be painful, there is nothing better than having that soft silky skin left behind from a Brazilian waxing.  There are many things that people do not understand or realize when they book their very first waxing.  We believe that this particular blog will help educate our clients, friends and family on the do’s and don’ts before and after a Brazilian waxing.  We also understand that it can be very intimidating to have a Brazilian whether it be in a salon/spa.  We believe that making the client comfortable is very vital so that it allows the service to operate more smoothly. A common question many clients ask us is “how long should my hair have to be for a Brazilian?”  Ladies only a half inch to quarter inch.  Not so long that we need to braid it!  To avoid being uncomfortable and an embarrassing situation it is advised to trim before you see us if possible!  Unless you really want your aesthetician pulling out the scissors and trimming it for you!  There is also the good old at home waxing kits. Unless you have taken a course in waxing, please do not attempt!  Trust us your skin will thank us.  You will save yourself the pain and misery of bruising, skin ripped off and some pretty unsightly hair patches!  Let us give you an example of a good friend which allowed us to use this story to help others to learn from her experience.

So this wonderful girl decided to be brave and take it about herself to purchase a wax kit at a local beauty supply store.  She wanted to surprise her hubby before he got home from work! So sweet right? What happened to her wasn’t so sweet!  So she read the directions on the package which said to microwave it for a few minutes.  So far so good!  Feeling bubbly and excited she took it upon herself to grab a spatula and spread the wax on the entire Brazilian area.  She then took a wax strip and applied it to her skin and held the skin tight as the directions indicated.  What???  She said she almost died! She said no hair came out!  So she decides to attempt it for the second time. Taking a deep breath she goes to pull it again but she chickens out half way. At this time she has the wax strip half off and she is screaming on top of her lungs muttering everything under her breath.  The result?  Half hair gone and half wax still left there.  She said she wouldn’t dear attempt to pull the entire strip off cause it hurt so bad.  So she had to figure out something?  She decided to find a pair of scissors and cut the wax out of the hair!  She said at this point her two butt cheeks are completely glued together and she is walking in penguin motion to reach the kitchen counter. She finally finds a an old pair and starts to cut.  The stupid scissors are too blunt!  She said at this point I didn’t know what to do!  She said she had no oil or anything in her bathroom cupboard that would remotely remove the wax.  So she decided to go for the butter.  She said she had such a mess that she had to soak in the tub for hours. Sadly the poor girl was left with bruises, hairy patches and some sticky residue as a result.  The moral of the story?  Just get a professional to give you a proper Brazilian. It will save ya a lot of pain and misery!

There is also some other important factors that women need to take into consideration when it comes to a brazillian waxing. Going in a hot tub or tanning bed after waxing is a definite no no!  Trust me you don’t want layers of your skin to scab off or burn yourself.  When you get a waxing, your pores are opened so avoid anything related to heat or any physical activity that will aggravate your skin after waxing. The next 24 hours you can go nuts!  We also like it if individuals took into consideration their hygiene!  Sorry but we do run into this from time to time. Please make sure your well cleansed before hand. It makes our work a lot more pleasant!  Its also important to exfoliate at least every second or third day after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs can be very painful and sore.  So best to exfoliate.  Also a good cream or solution like “No Bump”  which we use in our spa works wonders. Its good to apply that in between your waxing visits.  No Bump is formulated to eliminate bumps and ingrown hairs. No Bump Treatment does not burn and is non-irritating to the skin. It is specially formulated to soothe the skin while rebuilding healthy bump-free skin.  Also if you do have really sensitive skin, wax such as zinc oxide and aloe vera are very soothing to the skin and creates very little redness. It is natural to expect some redness and even for your skin to be a bit tender your first time.  It all depends on your hair.  If your hair is very deep rooted then expect it to be a little tender after and red. The redness usually goes away within an hour or so.  However for really sensitive skin it may take a little longer.  Also expect to see a little bit of spotting at the pore if you are deep rooted.  Don’t panic! If you see tiny pin-prick sized dots of blood, congratulations, you’ve killed a hair follicle! Hair will never grow from that follicle again!

Another question that many clients ask us is “When will I start to see regrowth?” The hair grows in cycles, so the goal of waxing is to remove the hair consistently until the hair grows in the same cycle. When this happens, each waxing is killing the maximum number of hair follicles, resulting in less hair growing back. After your first wax, some of your hair won’t grow back while others may start growing after a week or so. But as we said before, you’ll see less and less regrowth with each wax, and what does grow back will be thinner and finer which will hurt less because the hair isn’t as deep rooted! Bonus!

There are many more questions that many people have asked us such as: “how long do I have to wait in between my next waxing? Can I get a Brazilian if I am a pregnant?”  And so   We will be answering these questions along with many others as we continue to update our blog.  Keep an eye for more topics related to waxing and other interesting facts about the beauty industry! Feel free to leave a comment and ask questions. :).

A Brazilian waxing while pregnant:

Thanks to your hormones when pregnant, the hair can grow at a much faster rate.  Which means as a pregnant woman you maybe more fixated on hair removal than ever before!  Let’s face it, it’s bad enough that you retain fluid and your body swells and increase weight gain begins to happens!  Trust me the last thing women want is a major forest growing down there!  So some women who are pregnant often wonder if it’s safe to have a Brazilian wax. The answer is YES!  You can be relieved that you don’t have to worry about walking around like a hairy beast!   However there are some things you should know before you have a bikini or Brazilian wax while pregnant.  Your skin maybe more sensitive so before and after waxing its good to use a soothing lotion to reduce any additional redness or swelling of the skin.  It’s also important you check with your doctor first before you proceed with a Brazilian waxing just to make sure there is no underlying issues he/she hasn’t told you about regarding your pregnancy. Always let us aestheticians know that you are pregnant before you get a Brazilian especially if you are on any medication. We want your experience to be comfortable and as pleasant as possible.   A common question us aestheticians are asked is “how long do I have to wait in between waxing?”  It really depends on your hair growth.  Some women can get longer out of their Brazilians than others.  We usually say every four weeks but some can go six to eight weeks.  Some women have a lot more hair growth and are more deeply rooted and also hormones play a factor. However when it’s your first time having a Brazilian,  your hair may grow faster than subsequent waxes and you may expect to see some regrowth in 10 to 14 days but by your third Brazilian wax you will see that the hair is finer and less dense.  Plus you will feel less discomfort. Your regrowth will be a lot slower and eventually you will be hairless majority of the time!  Another frequent question we are asked is “do Brazilian wax hurt?”  Well it doesn’t tickle!  But the more you get a waxing the less it hurts because your skin do build up a tolerance for it, plus the hair becomes less coarse and finer like we mentioned above so it doesn’t hurt near as bad!  Also some women have a better pain tolerance than others.   A famous question we get asked is “how long do a Brazilian wax take?”  It usually takes us 15 to 30 minutes depending on the clients hair growth. In extreme cases like if you have a forest brewing down there and it’s growing half way down your leg, than it could take up to 45 minutes to an hour.  There are some other do’s and don’ts after a Brazilian.  It’s advisable not to engage in heavy exercise for 24 hours unless you want to have your poor bits chafed to pieces or walking funny for a few days! So stay away from any physical activity the first few hours. Usually the next day isn’t too bad but best to wait 24 hours!  Avoid wearing tight clothing after waxing for the first day.  Otherwise it can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hairs.  And those ingrown hairs are not only painful but unsightly!   To conclude, a Brazilian wax is well worth it! You feel clean and refreshed from it!  Believe it or not ya actually feel lighter!  Let’s face it body hair on a woman isn’t fashionable!  You feel better in a swimsuit.  It’s so good to roll out of bed and not worry about shaving!  It doesn’t grow back like a bristle pad!  Who likes that crazy burning itchy feeling? Like really?  The thing is girls we want to feel good about ourselves and the sight of hair petrifies us!  If we aestheticians got paid for every time someone says I wish I was BALD, I wish we women weren’t born with hair except on  our heads or it’s not fair that men don’t have to worry about hair growth like us women than we be millionaires!  Unfortunately we are born with the horrible gene of growing unwanted hair in places we really wish it wouldn’t!  There is a solution!  Go to your local salon/spa and let us girls take care of it for you!  You will be happy ya did!  Please don’t hesitate to watch the video below on what to expect during a Brazilian wax-salon secrets.

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

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