Luscious Lashes


I have tried a fiber lash mascara for the first time this weekend and I have to say that I loved it! The product I tried is Kenneth Bernard Fiber Lash mascara, Exclusively sold at Chatter’s salons. You apply a coat of the mascara followed by a coat of the fibers to the tips of lashes, wait 20 seconds and apply more mascara. You may repeat this process for a more intense look and added length! This product goes on smoothly with a curvy mascara brush, has a pleasant smell and dries quickly. The fiber product looks like a felt wand with little black hairs on it. Surprisingly it feels so light on your lashes that you can barely tell your wearing anything. It also washes off very easily with warm water and a cloth (I always use a colored facecloth to avoid staining my white ones). The mascara is formulated with natural beeswax which is sweat, oil, and tear proof. Beeswax also provides great hydration and conditioning, and won’t weigh the lashes down or clump. It also contains carnauba wax that is hypoallergenic and ensures smooth application while making the product thicker. The fibers consist of nylon fibers with green tea fibers. This is the most natural mascara I have ever used and I have sensitive eyes so it felt great! I definitely recommend this mascara to anyone who wants to add a lot more “oomph” to their eyes for an instant wake-me-up. If you roll out of bed and have no time for coffee, this mascara will give you that bright-eyed refreshed look!

2015-09-25 12.25.40_resized2015-09-25 12.26.11_resized

2015-09-25 12.24.32_resized2015-09-25 12.22.03_resized

I tried this on a day when I was very tired, so I definitely needed something to perk up my eyes! You can see the difference between my eye with nothing on my lashes (my left eye) versus the one with Kenneth Bernard fiber lash (my right eye). I will definitely be purchasing this mascara!


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