For Us MakeUp Geeks!!! How To Use MakeUp Brushes!

All of us women love to look good and feel confident!!  Whether it be at the office or a night out with our girlfriends we like to look good!  But sometimes when it comes to makeup it can be difficult to understand how to apply it, to find the perfect shade, and even how to use the proper tools to make that perfect application!  There is nothing worse when you see someone with a ring showing around the bottom of their jawline and its sooo dark that their neck is paler than then their face!  I don’t know about you but who wants to look like they dipped themselves in mud or look like they had an uneven tan!  Not a nice look especially if you have a hot date with your man!  You want to make an impression not freak him out that you have some sort of skin disease!   So lets start at the basic’s here.  Lets talk about the proper makeup tools to use first when applying your makeup.

We asked one of our  clients at a local spa where we work what questions she would like answered about the beauty industry.  She said that she never knows what type of  makeup brushes she should use to apply her makeup.  So this blog is to help her and everyone else that maybe curious as to what tools work best.  That way the next time you enter a beauty supply store, you have an idea as to what some of those funny shape makeup tools do!

Foundation Brush:image

The foundation brush is used to apply the foundation to your face.  Its good to start applying foundation as your base first before you apply any other makeup.  Foundation brushes have longer bristles made out of synthetic materials. They usually have more rounded heads, allowing you to glide the product along the skin in large swathes.  You want to avoid the foundation to be streaky so its vital to use a tapping or circular motion when applying your desired foundation.  This will aid in pressing the foundation in and give you a flawless look!  You can also use a stippling brush.  This particular brush has short soft bristles that are packed densely together and consist of a blunt top.  This allows the product to rest on the skin instead of smearing it on.  It creates a softer effective finish on your skin.  For example if you have dimples or cratered skin, this brush is less likely to emphasize textured areas of the skin.

Concealer Brush:image

The concealer brush is a small version of the foundation brush.  It has stiff synthetic bristles that are  effective in controlling liquid products.  Concealer brush  is great cause it helps smooth the concealer under our eyes to minimize the appearance of circles and even discolored spots on parts of our face.  Even though us women tend to use our fingers for applying concealer, the brush gives the product a more finished and polished look.

Powder/Blush Brush:image

This particular brush has a round head and soft bristles. In order to set your foundation, its good to use a powder brush.  If you need to add a little color to your cheeks and bring out your girlie shine then this is your brush!  You won’t go without it!

Angled Brush:image

This brush has longer soft bristles.  It has an angled head to make it easier for face contouring products.  You often see makeup artists using this for dipping into bronzer (bronzer is my best friend), blush for those sweet rosy cheeks and highlighter! The angled shape makes it easier for the product to be applied more smoothly such as the sides of our nose and tops of our cheek bones. A girl gotta have nice cheek bones! This amazing brush can also give you a more precise blush application so it looks more natural!

Fan Brush:image

The fan brush is definitely one of the most interested looking brushes.  It has soft bristles fanning out  giving the brush its name. It mainly used to apply bronzer, blush and highlighter.  Its unique shape allows the product to distribute lightly on the skin.

Eye Shadow Brush:image

The  Eye Shadow brush is quite small and has short, straight bristles with a hard edge. This brush will be one of the most makeup tools that you will use.  Its firm and dense which makes it amazing for the perfect application!  Its used to apply powder or a cream base product on the lid.  Most often this particular brush is used to apply the base color to your lid.

Blending Brush:image

This is an aestheticians favorite brush.  Its perfect for blending so that the product merges together nicely. It’s also great for applying the shadow in the crease and outer corner of your eyes.

Small Angled Brush:image

This brush is small that contains short hard bristles.  Its used to apply gel or powder liner.  Its also one of our favorites!

Thin Eyeliner Brush:image

This is a must.  It really gives that smooth line to make the eyes pop. This brush has very little bristles that  are short, densely packed, and usually made out of synthetic fibers.  Trust me this brush will quickly become your best friend!  It can give you that classy eye make up look.

Lip Brush:


Many of us women usually just apply our lip color out of the tube but this brush can give a precise ideal bold look especially with bright colors!  It has small short densely packed bristles and the head is slightly rounded.

These are just a few of the brushes that we touched on today.  These are the ones that are the most effective and a must have in your makeup case.  Throughout our blog, we will be showing some tutorials on how to use these essential makeup tools.  We also encourage our clients, friends and family to seek out a makeup consultation so we can explain a simple makeup application and how to use the makeup art tools.  So keep your eyes open for more interesting info about the makeup world and how easy applying makeup can be from everyday wear to night time wear!  Also watch the video below on how to use, apply and clean makeup brushes!

Please share and comment below!  🙂  Have any suggestions for our next post regarding the beauty industry.  Please let us know!  We love feedback!


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